OpenPGP card decryption with 4096bit keys bugfix??

Marcos Aurelio Lenharo lenharo at
Sat Dec 29 05:35:30 CET 2012


I posted that patch but it was a quick&dirty solution.
The final code was changed by Werner, can be found in the following
commit but no official gpg version was released yet:;a=commit;h=ab4ea45f54006eba55db11263431c4c0c4f557dc

Best Regards,

Marcos A. Lenharo

On 26-12-2012 05:42, Josef Schneider wrote:
> Hello,
> first thing: I am not subscribed to this list, so please CC me in replies.
> I recently bought a OpenPGP smart card and want to use 4096bit keys and
> Windows.
> This doesn't work for decrypting with any released gpg version!
> There seems to be a patch to make it work at
> Is this one line change the only thing that has to be changed to make it
> work?
> Compiling gpg2 for Windows is really hard it seems. I haven't got the
> Gpg4win compilation to work because it needs some packages not available
> on my debian sid based machine.
> I am using the Gpg4win 2.1.1 Beta installer and want to change as little
> as possible. I compiled libgpg-error and libassuan and switched out the
> libassuan-0.dll
> If this one line is the only change, this should be enough?! (except if
> libassuan is also statically linked somewhere)
> But the problem is still the same after the switch. The only commands
> getting sent to the card when starting gpg --decrypt are:
>> scdaemon[208]: chan_000001BC <- SERIALNO openpgp
>> scdaemon[208]: chan_000001BC -> S SERIALNO
> D27600012401020000050000XXXXXXXX 0
>> scdaemon[208]: chan_000001BC -> OK
>> scdaemon[208]: chan_000001BC <- RESTART
>> scdaemon[208]: chan_000001BC -> OK
> Even if I have to compile gpg2 as a whole I don't want to use the git
> working copy, but the 2.0.19 source with only the patch to make
> decryption with 4096bit Keys work.
> So can someone tell me if this is the only change (then I probably am
> doing something wrong) or if something else, and what, has to be changed.
> Thanks,
> Josef
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