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On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 11:23:25PM +0000, MFPA wrote:
> On Monday 30 January 2012 at 7:06:43 PM, in
> <mid:20120130190643.GB184889 at crustytoothpaste.ath.cx>, brian m.
> carlson wrote:
> > The problem is that unlike regular list messages, the
> > dupes don't come with the list headers, which makes
> > sorting them based on the list headers problematic.
> The group's email address gnupg-users at gnupg.org usually appears in the
> To: or CC: field of the duplicate message. Why not filter/sort on
> that and catch most of them?

Because that means that instead of using one procmail rule to autosort
all mailing lists I have to write one for every list I might subscribe
to.  This is error-prone and defeats the purpose of using a generic tool
to do repetitive tasks easily.  Most mailing lists have a List-ID header
for this purpose.  Majordomo lists use a different convention which is
also easily sorted on.

Also, when I'm subscribed to a mailing list, I expect people to post
their replies to the list unless there's a personal reply that is not
appropriate for the list.  For lists that require subscriptions, that
means that it's guaranteed that everybody will get a copy, which is the
point of a mailing list.  Why intentionally send me an extra?  Who wants
two copies of an email?

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