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Am Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012, 23:19:43 schrieb MFPA:

> >  I just don't understand why someone
> > who has understood the concept and is capable of
> > validating keys of others, encrypting, decrypting and
> > signing should not use that technology for his email
> > (neither professional nor private).
> There are plenty of things people don't bother doing, despite
> understanding, knowledge, and capability. Why should this be
> different?

I give training courses about cryptography in a German party and am involved 
in the discussion whether and how we should use it in our administration. Thus 
I have some experience with (mostly) "normal" people (no IT geeks). My 
experience is that

a) most people don't care at all (which probably everyone here can confirm...)

b) the other ones say that it's a useful technology but they do not use it due 
to either their software not supporting it or (more important) their personal 
lack of knowledge

c) I have never encountered someone saying something like "I know how it 
works, I use it for software distribution and backups but I have never used it 
for email".

The probable main difference to your "plenty of things" is that this is 
considered useful (for email!) by many people (many more than capable of using 
it). Thus it seems quite improbable to me that among those few who are capable 
of using it there are many who do not find it useful (for email).

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