Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Thu Feb 2 00:12:24 CET 2012

On 2/1/12 5:53 PM, Hauke Laging wrote:
> I apologize if anyone had the impression that I used your quote 
> wrongly (but why should I?). The point is that you said nothing about
> Windows which due to its market share cannot be ignored. And that has
> no relation to the context of your quote.

Yes, I'm ignoring Windows, mostly because I have absolutely no idea
where to begin estimating GnuPG users on Windows.  All I can do is
mutter something about "wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man
schweigen" and quickly change the subject.  :)

That said, yes, on Linux Enigmail is a niche player.  The major distros
ship either KDE or GNOME desktops.  KDE's default mail application is
KMail, and GNOME's is Evolution.  Both have strong OpenPGP support.  You
don't need to install Thunderbird+Enigmail on those platforms to get
OpenPGP support for email, so most people who want OpenPGP email don't.

> The reason why most people do not use Enigmail (or something similar)
> is *not* the installation of GnuPG.

Having fielded questions from people stymied by Enigmail installation
for a few years now, I disagree.  I've encountered a lot of people who
find it to be a significant obstacle.  It was much worse in the past,
but since the introduction of Windows installers for GnuPG the problems
have diminished significantly.  We still get a fair number of them, though.

> But you don't send email to this list *because* you sign your email.
>  You don't even sign your email to this list.

No, but I do sign emails.  There are a fair number of people who can
attest to that.  I just don't sign emails to mailing lists except in
unusual cases (e.g., I'm making a post to the Enigmail list in my role
as a list moderator) or when I've enabled signing by accident.

> Right. But for nearly none of those cryptography is the reason for 
> contaction others. In other words: If email cryptography becomes more
> common there is no reason to expect more email from unknown people
> (due to this effect).

I don't understand what you're saying.  If cryptography is the reason to
contact someone, then I think we all need to get out more.  :) I contact
people to *communicate*.  Cryptography is just a tool to facilitate that.

> OK but if someone considers his opinion about something he is not 
> familiar with superior to the uniform opinion of some who are 
> familiar then I would consider him an idiot.

World's full of 'em.  God knows I've asserted my right to be a damnfool
idiot from time to time, so I'm inclined to judge them a bit more leniently.

> That's the sense of non-signing. What's the sense of using your name?
> Creating problems for yourself? Accepting those problems in order to
> make the offense more interesting to the public?

Ask Charlie Sheen, or for that matter anyone who's ever wrestled with
bipolar disorder, drug addiction, or any of a whole host of illnesses
and/or conditions that can cause erratic behavior.  Sometimes the
software running on the gray matter just breaks and people act in weird
ways.  It's part of the human condition.

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