Problem "Kobil Kaan Advanced" keypad [gnupg 2.0.18]

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Feb 9 10:16:25 CET 2012

On Wed,  8 Feb 2012 20:57, johannes.baiter at said:
> Okay, I managed to resolve that problem by specifying the
> `pinpad-program` option in gpg-agent.conf. I can enter the PIN now and
> it is recognized ("Good PIN"-beep and the pin retry counter is not
> decremented afterwards). However, the file is not decrypted and
> scdaemon throws this (debug log):

I used that reader for a long time.  However with the v2 OpenPGP card it
stopped to work reliable.  There are rumors that Kobil had problems with
2048 bit keys and thus I didn't looked closer at the problem and
switched to another reader.

If you want to look closer at the problem, you may add the option
debug-ccid-driver two times to your scdaemon.conf.

You may also want to test it using pcscd instead of the internal driver.



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