Moving from openpgp card to cryptostick

Klaus Layer klaus.layer at
Thu Feb 9 10:46:37 CET 2012

MFPA <expires2012 at> wrote on 06.02.2012:
> Make sure your computer is "clean" and not connected to any network.
> *Copy* your backup secret keyring onto your computer. Refer back to
> the howto; there is a section near the end called "Transfering the
> subkeys to a new card," which contains some caveats and points you
> back to the section "Move the subkeys to the card" to repeat the whole
> procedure from there onwards. I don't know if there are any subtle
> differences due to using the new crypto stick instead of the old
> openpgp card.

I proceed exactly as described in the howto with my backup keys. But I always 
get the message "gpg: secretkey already stored on a card"

Any idea how I can resolve this?


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