Announce: Outlook 2010 Privacy Plugin

Michael Eddington meddington at
Tue Feb 14 23:33:01 CET 2012

  Outlook Privacy Plugin

A simple OpenPGP encryption plugin for Outlook 2010.


Outlook Privacy Plugin is a security extension for Outlook 2010. It
enables Outlook 2010 to send and receive email messages that are
encrypted and/or signed with the OpenPGP standard.

Outlook Privacy Plugin uses GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG/GPG).


  * Microsoft Outlook 2010
  * Encrypt and decrypt email using OpenPGP standard
  * Supports encrypted attachments
  * Supports multiple recipients
  * Decrypts PGP-MIME
  * Decrypts OpenPGP blocks in HTML email

*Not Supported*

  * Encrypting with PGP-MIME (planned)
  * No support for HTML email (planned)

This plugin is in BETA status and is based on an earlier plugin for
Office 2007.

Project Sponsored by Deja vu Security <>.

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