GPG file seperation

tony medeiros houseurmusic at
Thu Feb 23 00:12:05 CET 2012

Hi, I am currently working on middleware that encrypts/decrypts a data
stream. It proposes a couple challenges that I am hoping I can get help
The system works by separating a single file in potentially many different
segmented files and uploading them in different threads. When reading from
the server however it is seen as one large file.
Basically what is happening is that the server is storing separate gpg
entities, but when we read from the server the interface is set up in a way
where I have to iterate through a single file. So in other words
the server is concatenating the separate gpg entities and sending them back
in on large file.

My question is there a way I can use gpg through the command line to
decrypt a concatenated file of gpg encrypted entities.

If there is no way this can work, my other idea would require me inserting
some kind of footer so I can tell when the gpg file ends. Is there a
character I can use that guaranteed not to be used by GPG?

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