GPG file seperation

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Why not set up a fixed size start/run record identifier.  No need for a
magic and unique sequence.

Like this:
Field             description                 start     length    datatype
1                   GPG stream start       1           2             Alpha
2                   stream length             3          15           Numb
3                   stream                         18         ??
GPG stream

Record just keeps repeating over and over until there is nothing else.
On Feb 23, 2012 8:31 AM, "Werner Koch" <wk at> wrote:

> On Thu, 23 Feb 2012 00:12, houseurmusic at said:
> > My question is there a way I can use gpg through the command line to
> > decrypt a concatenated file of gpg encrypted entities.
> We removed such feature a long time ago because it made it too easy to
> fake signature status information.  This has to do with the various
> allowed formats for a signature and the general problem to synchronize
> the status information with the actual data.
> > If there is no way this can work, my other idea would require me
> inserting
> > some kind of footer so I can tell when the gpg file ends. Is there a
> > character I can use that guaranteed not to be used by GPG?
> No you can't.  Encrypted data is random and thus any sequence of
> delimiters you want to use may also be part of the payload.
> I am not sure whether I understood your question, but anyway: If you
> look at the packet structure and the partial length encoding as used by
> OpenPGP, you may find a way to re-pack them as you like.  Check out
> tools/gpgsplit.c for a basic parser.  It is possible to insert special
> marker packets and use them.  In any case you need a wrapper and an
> unwrapper process but then it will be easier to use split(1) and cat(1)
> directly.
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