Encryption with key ID

Remesh_Chandra at Dell.com Remesh_Chandra at Dell.com
Mon Jan 9 19:41:08 CET 2012

I tried all those options; it generates the below error.

gpg: fatal: too many random bits requested; the limit is 4799
secmem usage: 3008/3008 bytes in 5/5 blocks of pool 3200/16384

Any clues?

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On 01/06/2012 09:30 PM, Hauke Laging wrote:
> Am Samstag, 7. Januar 2012, 01:41:48 schrieb Remesh_Chandra at dell.com:
>> pub  1024D/5XXXXX11 2005-08-08 ABC DEF GHI sub  6000g/99999993 
>> 2011-01-01
>> We are used to encrypting by providing the email account reference in 
>> the -recipient option. Since this one just has a phrase (ABC DEF 
>> GHI), we are unable to do so. The vendor's suggestion is to use their 
>> key id
>> (0x5XXXXX11) to do the encryption. Is this possible? If yes, what is 
>> the command to do so?
> gpg --encrypt --recipient 5XXXXX11 file.txt gpg --encrypt --recipient 
> "ABC DEF GHI" file.txt gpg --encrypt --recipient 
> D44C6A5B71B0427CCED3025CBD7D6D27ECCB5814 file.txt (with the key's 
> fingerprint instead of mine, of course)

even better, if you prefix the keyID with 0x gpg will automatically interpret it as such.

Read the "HOW TO SPECIFY A USER ID" section in the gpg manpage for more details.



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