First-time gpg compile - compiling gnupg-1.4.11 for Windows - configure log

John Clizbe John at
Tue Jan 10 01:33:28 CET 2012

Barry Smith wrote:
> Environ - Windows 7 (64Bit)
>                 SeaMonkey 2.6.1
>                 Enigmail 1.3.4
>                 GnuPG 1.4.9
>                 GPG4Win 2.1.0
>                 GPGShell 3.78  (which is complaining about GPG 1.4.9,
> but working)
> Problem -- There is no binary install for gpg1.4.11 or gpg 2.X

The binary installer for GnuPG 1.4.11 is available at:

The binary installer for GnuPG 2.0.17:

> Goal - I want to build a binary for gpg 1.4.11, and use it from all
> three tools
>            that I have installed (enigmail,gpg4win,gpgshell).

There are binary installers available. Do you mean you want to build a 64-bit
binary? That is _not_ task for the inexperienced. Use the installer and save
yourself the grief.

> Wrinkle - the only build instructions are written using *nix scripts
> which do
>              not execute on Windows, so I am picking up new tools and
>              resurrecting aging skills reading build script messages...
>              so be kind while I try to stay kind. :)

Yes, the canonical supported build environment is to cross-compile from a POSIX
(read: *nix) system.

On Windows, such an environment may be installed through MSYS/MinGW, Cygwin,
SFU, and/or UWin. They each have advantages and disadvantages.

> What I've done so far --
> 1) I downloaded and installed MinGW 3.20 with MSYS 1.0.
> 2) I downloaded and extracted gnupg-1.4.11.tar.bz2
> 3) I opened MinGW (which put me in the MSYS home directory structure)
> 4) I ran the configure script.
>     Having some experience on Ubuntu,
>        I wanted to study the configure messages created under MinGW for
>           missing libraries, missing settings, and other missing stuff to
>           compile from a new computer.
> I attached the configure log file from my execution of configure.
> My plan is to delete the entire gnupg folder tree,
>               make the changes and additions in MinGW,
>               re-extract and re-config.
> Please, look, and see if you see any major things wrong, that I should
> fix, or download
> (like IDEA?) that should be added to the MinGW environment before trying
> the config again.  Please use the mingw-get installer.
Not the very outdated monolithic installers

The versions you are using are rather old. Do you also plan on building all of
the requisite libraries needed by GnuPG? Some are already available from the
MinGW project. You're on your own for the others.

Unless you are actively communicating with folk using PGP 2.6, you probably do
not need IDEA.

I don't recommend it, but if you must build GnuPG 1.4.x yourself, see

Note: You are just as well off by using the pre-built binary installers for
GnuPG 1.1.11 and 2.0.17. The current MinGW toolset still targets a 32-bit
architecture. There is a 64-bit MinGW project, but it is a separate endeavor.

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