Creating a key bearing no user ID

Holger holger at
Mon Jan 23 02:47:34 CET 2012

2012-01-22T16:11:14-08:00, Doug Barton:
> On 01/22/2012 10:05, Holger wrote:
> > I intend to use gpg only for receiving encrypted e-mail, not signing
> > my outgoing e-mail. Because I don't want my name or e-mail address
> > out there on the keyservers,
> Why not?

One reason is spam, though we haven't seen excessive abuse of the keyserver-data or the keyservers themselves yet. Of course I could simply omit the e-mail address. Another one: My full name is rather unique and I don't want to reveal with whom I communicate i.e. who signed my key. On the other hand, public keys can be easily polluted with bogus signatures ... but I guess the average researcher is not aware of that and the versed is able to filter out the bogus ones. So maybe I should refrain from participating in the web of trust and build my personal "star of trust"?!

> > I want do create a key without a uid.
> > People who want to send me e-mail, get my e-mail address and
> > keyID/fingerprint with my business card.
> > 
> > Will this work or did I miss something?
> How will they get your public key?

By keyID/fingerprint from the keyserver-net.

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