hashed user IDs redux [was: Re: Creating a key bearing no user ID]

Peter Lebbing peter at digitalbrains.com
Thu Jan 26 17:22:24 CET 2012

On 26/01/12 12:07, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> I like it.

Maybe I should clarify that this is in no way a feature request; I just like the
pragmatic solution in itself.

I personally don't see a use case where one would be satisfied with an e-mail
address of the form
mailinglisten--noenum-zTTgFzNHU3RnkFyAxJuYMbs7 at hauke-laging.de but dissatisfied
with just handing the fingerprint for a key to someone. I wouldn't want to spell
out that e-mail address to someone. If I'm not going to give it verbally, why
not just give the key fingerprint?

You could print the fingerprint on your business card, and not enter your e-mail
address in the UID of the key.

And in e-mails, you have the header

OpenPGP: id=8FA94E79AD6AB56EE38CE5CBAC46EFE6DE500B3E


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