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Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Mon Jan 30 15:53:49 CET 2012

On Mon, 30 Jan 2012 15:27:37 +0100
Peter Lebbing articulated:

> On 30/01/12 12:27, Jerry wrote:
> > Now, thanks to you and a few other morons,
> For crying out loud, stop crying out loud. Get over it. People will
> CC you. Stop bothering us with your complaints every time. We all,
> including you, have better things to do with our time than repeating
> this annyoing discussion ad infinitum

I have all ready updated my sieve rules to include this forum. I hadn't
bothered doing it before because for the most part, the posters on this
forum are intelligent enough to know that you need only reply to the
group unless specifically requested to do otherwise. Since this is an
OPT-IN forum, the need to CC in order to reach a poster is not
required. Obviously, some posters prefer to clutter up other readers
with superfluous garbage.

> While I'm at it, I might point you towards DJB's Mail-Followup-To
> header. It might help us all to be freed of this endless litany.

There is no such header as Mail-Followup-To. Dan Bernstein does not
specify the email standards. RFC 5322 (and earlier, RFC 2822 and RFC
822) does. I thought you would have been aware of that.

Jerry ♔

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