Clearsigning on Windows

Belleraphone ccogcj at
Mon Jan 30 22:53:56 CET 2012

My instructions just tell me to clearsign the following and then the paste
the results in a box. Here's what i have to clearsign. Keep in mind I'm
using GnuPG for windows. 

mode     new_user
username XXXXXX

Now what exactly do I do with this?  I put it in a text file and then verify
it with gpg.exe? The same gpg.exe thats in the pub folder? So far everytime
I try to clearsign the .txt file with the info posted above  but it does not

Doug Barton-2 wrote:
> On 01/30/2012 13:12, Belleraphone wrote:
>> I realize that, but how do I make it so that my files are fit to be
>> clearsigned? I was given a bunch of information from a website that said
>> what needed to be clearsigned. How do I put this information into a file
>> that gpu.exe can read and clearsign?
> You're probably overthinking it. Create the file in the manner that is
> described in your instructions, and then sign it. If that doesn't make
> sense to you, we need more information about what you're trying to
> accomplish.
> Doug
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