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Am Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012, 19:46:05 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:

> Enigmail isn't.  Assume we
> have 50,000 installations.  (This sounds like a lot, but it's a pale
> shadow compared to GnuPG installations.)

Do you mean "hidden" installations (used unnoticedly by a distribution's 
update tool in the background) or actively planned instattations ("I need 

It is hard for me to believe that a serious user of GnuPG does not use it for 
email. I use it at work for administration purposes (so without email) but for 
most people I know it's the other way round: They use it for email only.

I admit that I do not use Thunderbird but is it's share among GnuPG users so 
much smaller that among all users altogether?

> I now see no utility to them for the vast majority of uses.

But you admit that this depends on the current situation (described by: hardly 
anyone uses it)?

I hope that the law will pledge big companies in the near future to sign their 
emails and offer encryption at no additional cost. Then most normal users will 
encounter cryptography regularly and thus the number of people who use it 
should increase a lot.

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