invalid gpg key revocation

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Mon Mar 5 18:12:24 CET 2012

I am 99.9% sure no one has gotten access to my machine or my keys. 
If they had, I have to believe that there would have been more 
damage done than this, and that does not appear to have happened. I 
mention the details, which may seem irrelevant, only because 
sometimes the devil is in the details.  This event has in fact 
occurred, and I need to figure out how to explain it and prevent 
it. There was no revocation certificate for the key in question. 
There has to be another explanation. If this was user error, then I 
want to find that as well. What can be looked at on the revoked key 
to see how or under what circumstances it was revoked? Thanks.

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>auto15963931 at
>> how is it then possible that someone
>> else would be able to get the key revoked even while I had not
>> published it to a key server at all? I mean, suppose someone 
>> to "mess around" with me and have my key revoked.  How could 
>> have been done? Can it be prevented? Thank you.
>The interesting question about that is not about you publishing 
>the public key 
>but about how the person could get access to your private key. It 
>is not 
>possible to revoke a key without the private key. That answers 
>your question 
>how to prevent that: Pay attention to it that nobody gets access 
>to your 
>private keys.
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