invalid gpg key revocation

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Thu Mar 8 03:41:35 CET 2012

Faramir wrote:
> El 06-03-2012 16:58, Peter Lebbing escribió:
> ...
>> The keyservers don't do any validation on revocation certificates;
>> anyone who feels like it can add /invalid/ revocation certificates
>> to your key to annoy you. But as soon as OpenPGP software imports
>> the key from the keyserver, it will simply discard /invalid/
>> revocation certificates as noise.
>   Ah... I was not aware of that... interesting...
This is due to two reasons:

1) It would add considerable processing overhead to the keyserver code
   (I speak for SKS)

2) None of us want to do the crypto coding. (See #1)

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