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On Sat, Mar 17, 2012 at 12:11:39AM -0000, freejack at wrote:
> > The comment can only be added when creating the UID. If you wish to
> > add, remove or edit you can create a new UID and set it as primary. If
> > the key has not been shared, you can delete the old UIDs, but if it is
> > already on the keyservers the copies there cannot have bits removed.
> Thanks for the info. Is there some reason why we can't edit the UID? I
> realize it doesn't help if the key is on a server but this key is not.

When you compute a signature over a UID, part of the data you hash is
the UID.  If the UID is different, then any signatures aren't valid
anymore because the hash result will be different.  The facility isn't
implemented since it breaks all existing signatures and is essentially
equivalent to deleting an old UID (which really can't be done if the UID
has been published) and adding a new UID.  If you want to do those two
steps, you have to do them manually.

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