John jw72253 at
Thu Mar 29 23:16:58 CEST 2012

Hello.  I am using gpg 2.0.17 on Windows OS. I also have the GPA and 
front ends installed.

I see these config files: Gpa.conf, gpg.conf, gpg-agent.conf, gpgsm.conf, 
within gnupg folder.  Are there other config files installed for this 
aside from what might be in one of the front-end programs?

Also, I see this in a number of places within its (several?) config files,
various settings like these:

###+++--- GPGConf ---+++###
auto-key-locate local
keyserver hkp://
###+++--- GPGConf ---+++### 03/24/12 23:52:04 Central Daylight Time
# GPGConf edited this configuration file.
# It will disable options before this marked block, but it will
# never change anything below these lines.

Even so, I can see that configuration settings do in fact exist above and 
this block, and they do not appear to be disabled from what I can tell.  Is 
a functionality of gpg itself or of one of the front-ends? Thanks.


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