GPG on Windows 7?

FAVIER Remi remi.favier at
Wed May 2 18:04:59 CEST 2012

You posted in 2010 a message on GPG on Windows 7.
As you may now know, GnuPG and WinPT work fine with 32 or 64 bits OSs.
In fact GPGee also works fine on Windows 7 32 bits (except for the HLP file
if you don't have a special add on to use it since Vista).
The only way to use GPGee on Windows 7 64 bits is to add an explorer like
Windows Explorer that is a 32 bits, like QDir (the Windows Explorer 32 bits
seems not to be able to run on Windows 7 64 bits), as GPGee is a dll 32 bits.
Rémi Favier
Ministère du Budget, des Comptes Publics
et de la Réforme de l'Etat
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