SSH Agent keys >4096 bit?

Milo gnupg at
Sat May 5 12:19:03 CEST 2012

On 05/05/2012 10:13 AM, Faramir wrote:
> El 04-05-2012 10:17, Milo escribió:
>> Hello Robert, Hello all.
> ...
>>> How many petabytes are sent across the wire each day?  Do you
>>> really think people will be storing all of today's traffic for
>>> twenty years, just so some analyst not even born yet will someday
>>> be able to say, "wow, I really want to see what's in this random
>>> guy's porn stash!"?
>> Yeah, then leave your home open because "Wow, who want to check
>> every door in the world. So many of them".
>   The difference is you don't need to store doors before checking them.

Do you see any technical problem with this?

Even if it requires some effort is becoming more possible then ever
(especially with such amount of resources...).

>   Best Regards


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