x509 and openGPG smartcard

Guillaume Lanquepin-Chesnais guyome at lechiennoir.net
Wed May 9 22:15:05 CEST 2012


I've just bought a Gemalto USB Shell Token V2 and openGPG smartcard. I
successfully get it work on Ubuntu 12.04 (gnupgp 2.0.17) without any problem. However, I
can't store a x509 certificate on the smartcard.

I get a certificate from Cacert that I converted with gpgsm

gpgsm --import guyome.p12
gpgsm -o guyome.pem --export -a XXXXXX

Then I edit the smartcard 

gpg2 --card-edit

and I import the certificate on the smartcard

gpg/card> admin
Les commandes d'administration sont permises

gpg/card> writecert 3 < guyome.pem

Up to now, I did not get any error message. But If do

gpg/card> readcert 3 > test.pem
gpg: error reading certificate from card: Not Found

gpg/card> writecert 3 < guyome.pem
gpg: error writing certificate to card: General Erreur

It seems that I can't write the certificate to the smartcard.
Is it a bug or did I made a mistake? BTW, I get the same error on Fedora 16..



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