GPG 1.4.x, 2.x, ECC, and portability

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In one of the recent, longer, threads, it was my understanding
that Werner said that the 1.4.x branch of GnuPG will not be
updated to have ECC capabilities, and may eventually be "put
into runoff" as it were. Werner, may I request that you confirm
or refute that?

Assuming that is the case, it means those of us using 1.4.x need
to move to 2.x to use ECC. In and of itself that shouldn't be an
issue. What concerns me is that, and perhaps this is due solely
to ignorance, it appears to me that GnuPG 2.0 for Windows cannot
be installed in a solely portable fashion the way that 1.4.12
can. I do not wish to get into the debate about the benefits of
having ones GnuPG installation on a USB stick, keyloggers,
rootkits, and the overall safety of all of the above. If for
whatever reason there are people who wish to have a completely
self-contained Windows installation of GnuPG on a flashdrive
(and not one built-in like crypto drive, which cannot use ECC
now anyway) is there 1) any way that can be done, and if not, 2)
any possibility that someone other than Werner would consider
folding the code into 1.4.x? I am not a programmer by a long
shot, and this would so far out of my league as to be
functionally impossible, so I cannot volunteer to do anything,
unfortunately; merely piggyback off of the expertise of others,
I am afraid.

Thank you,

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