Gnupg extension/wrapper on ubuntu 12.04 server

Tony Benson Tony.Benson at
Mon May 21 23:47:55 CEST 2012


First of all, bit of a newbie alert, so please forgive the pseudo code.

I have a linux mint lisa desktop with an apache2 server installed,  php
5.3.6 and the Gnupg wrapper installed (GPGME version 1.2.0, Extension
Version 1.3.2-dev)

I have an php script which will decrypt a passed file name automatically.
 With the script these are the pertinent lines of code.

$GnuPG = new gnupg();
$GnuPG -> adddecryptkey("fingerprint","passphrase");
$text = file_get_contents($path1.$file);
$plain = $GnuPG -> decrypt($text);

This works without an issue, the encrypted file is grabbed and its contents
decrypted, the rest of the script doing what it needs to do.

Now I have since created an ubuntu 12.04 server version of the above, with
apache2, php 5.3.*10* and the same versions of GNUGP wrapper installed.
 The same process was used for installing the wrapper on both machines, the
pertinent code is the same but I get nothing.

In an attempt to debug, I have written about the $path1.$file and $text
variables to a log file and they are as I would expect.  I have tried to
write out the $plain information as well but nothing is returned.

My issue is that I do not know where to go with this for debugging
purposes; nothing is written to the apache error logs, literally nothing
fails, so no error to write out.  the access log just shows the initial

Does anyone have any ideas either about the problem itself or where I may
find more information to debug it?

Many thanks
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