Some people say longer keys are silly. I think they should be supported by gpg.

Peter Lebbing peter at
Tue May 22 20:03:24 CEST 2012

On 22/05/12 19:10, Robert J. Hansen wrote:
> Your claim may lead people to writing off your movement on the grounds
> that one of two things are true.  Either:
> 	- "They're a bunch of crazies who think that even the park
> 	   rangers are after them,"
> 	- Or, "holy Toledo, even the park rangers are after them!"
> It seems unlikely to me that either one will engender much support.  If
> people think the former, then the movement is crazy and can be written
> off.  If people think the latter, then it's incredibly dangerous to
> stand too close to you and no one will show up to your protests.

This presupposes that "people" will equate the whole movement with this single
individual. This is definitely not unlikely, though :-) [1]


[1] After all, *all* people generalise! ;)

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