Testing GPG EMail encryption

Robin Kipp mlists at robin-kipp.net
Tue May 22 20:06:40 CEST 2012

Hello all,
well, as of today, I finally decided to start signing my EMail messages using GPG to prove the integrety of my messages. As I am primarily using Mac OS, I downloaded MacGPG (http://gpgtools.org), installed it and set it all up. As I'm completely blind, I first had some issues with MacGPG, as it uses a special window (called, I think, the PINEntry window) to ask for the passphrase. Unfortunately, this window isn't accessible using VoiceOver, the screenreader built into Mac OS. However, I was now able to come up with a workaround and now it seems as if I can sign and encrypt messages without much trouble. I've informed the MacGPG developers about the accessibility issues in their software, and they seem very committed  to solving it in an upcoming version. If anyone is interested, the related ticket can be found at http://gpgtools.lighthouseapp.com/projects/66001-macgpg2/tickets/94-pinentry-window-not-recognized-by-voiceover

Now, I'd really like to test out EMail encryption so that I can verify this works properly, but for that, of course, I need one other party also using GPG. So, I was wondering, would it be possible for any of the GPG users on here to contact me offlist so that we could try this out once? If anyone on here would be willing to do that, I'd greatly appreciate that!
Thanks for any help :-)
Best regards,
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