PGP interoperability

Johan Wevers johanw at
Fri May 25 11:22:45 CEST 2012

On 25-05-2012 4:20, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> Looking over the PGP product offerings after their acquisition by
> Symantec, it seems they have dropped support for 2048- and 3072-bit DSA.
>  This decision makes no sense to me, and is sufficiently weird that I
> wonder if the marketing copy is horribly in error.

Or something else is wrong:

> product they offer:
> 	* Diffie-Hellman
> 	* DSA (1024-bit keys only)
> 	* RSA (up to 4096-bit keys)

Seems they want to push everyone to RSA. I wonder why? The patent issue
is over so that can't be it.

I understood that it is believed that the discrete log problem is
possibly harder than factoring, since solving DL solves factoring but
not the other way around. Maybe the NSA has found a workable solution
for factoring but not for DL?

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