GnuPG 2 + OpenPGP card on F17

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Wed May 30 05:07:54 CEST 2012

After upgrading to Fedora 17, something weird seems to be going on with
GnuPG 2 and my OpenPGP card.

First, card support seems to be provided by a package called
gnupg2-smime.  That's been installed.

Second, ssh-agent is not running (ps ax|grep confirms).  Just to be on
the safe side I killed off gnome-keyring-daemon as well.

Third, gpg-agent is running (ps ax|grep confirms).

Sometimes I'm able to query my card (--card-status) when running GnuPG 2
with sudo; other times I get "OpenPGP card not available: Not
supported."  I'm not able to query my card at all when running as an
unprivileged user.

Does anyone know what's amiss here?

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