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This is an incomplete list, but what I like about GPGShell is
the following:

GPA does not work for me--it just crashes.

GPGShell has a number of components:

GPGTools for encrypting/decrypting files, GPGKeys which is the
keymanager to which GPA is most closely related, and most
importantly, GPGTray which is a tool which sits in the system
tray and allows me to call any of the other programs,
encrypt/decrypt a file or the clipboard, sign/verify the
clipboard, all using right clicks. This allows me to compose my
emails in GMail or the like, and then convert them into ASCII-
armored text.

The actual GPGKeys portion of the program is extremely
customizable, in that it has good graphical access to many, if
not most, of the GPG command set, and for "expert" options, it
allows the launch of the edit key in DOS and has an input box
where one can place the options that should be run in the
command line when GPG launches (such as "bzip2-compress-level
9"). It allows for easier setting of options for GPG as well.

The author has told me that he is not intending at this point to
write a version for GPG2.0, however, so those interested in
using ECC when it gets folded in to the main release will need
to find another "GPG manager" to use.

GPAs inability to run on Win7 machines sort-of takes it out of
the running for now, I'm afraid :)

I understand part of the issue is that the entire configuration
mechanism of GPG2 is different than GPG1, and that, currently,
GPG2 cannot be loaded "portably" as it were, but I believe
Werner was gracious enough to say he would look into making GPG2
more portable in future releases.

I am neither a programmer nor a software tester, so forgive me
if I did not explain clearly enough, but in a nutshell, I have
found that I can easily do anything I need to GPG-wise
(clean/minimize keys, Lsign, encrypt/decrypt/sign/verify, make
any customization to option sets, hash selections, encryption
methods) easily in GPGShell, and I have not found another GUI
(WinPT, GPA, Etc.) which could do everything as easily and

Thank you,

- --Avi
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