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On 11/07/2012 05:48 PM, Connie Rodriguez wrote:
> Any help is appreciated!  My knowledge is very limited on
> encryption/decryption.  I understand the concept but that is just about it!
> I currently have gpg installed on our unix system.  I have been asked to
> provide a SSH key and GPG key that will expire annually to our bank
> vendor.  In the beginning I had set our key to not expire when I first
> set it up..can I change this?  Also, how do I create and export  a ssh
> key? 
> Thanks for any help someone can provide
To change the expiration date of your key you can do the following:
(where $KEYID is the id of your key)
gpg --edit-key $KEYID
Then type 'expire' and press enter
type '1y', to make it valid for one year, and press enter
Then type 'save' and enter again. That should do it.

To use your GPG key for SSH authentication, i'll point you to my blog
post about it:
It contains a few methods on how to achieve this.

Hope this helps,

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