ownertrust level of imported secret keys

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I noticed a behaviour which could be improved. If a key is generated then its 
ownertrust is set to ultimate. But if a secret key is imported the ownertrust 
keeps unchanged.

I guess that the idea behind this may be that you can be sure that noone else 
can create a signature by a key you have generated but that the import of a 
secret key can mean that someone else has shared his secret key with you which 
does not make signatures of that key more trustworthy.

As I think that people should be advised to use offline mainkeys so they 
should not be bothered with unnecessary problems arising from that. Thus I 
suggest to output a warning / hint if a secret key is imported. Something 

"You have imported a secret key. It may be useful (probably if you are the 
only owner of this secret key) to set the trust level of this key to ultimate 
(see --edit key trust)."

Or even ask and do it.

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