Anyone interested in preparing and improving training courses?

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Wed Nov 14 06:17:26 CET 2012


after having given training courses earlier (voluntarily) for small groups of 
non-IT people I have just given my first OpenPGP / GnuPG course at the Berlin 
Linux user group. My plan is to establish this as a permanent service.

The most important information I learnt from this training course is that it 
is extremely important to have a good plan what to put into such a course 
(even for people assumed to be IT-related). I think it's safe to assume that 
my technical skills exceed my teaching skills a lot. Don't laugh about my 
course now...

I hope that doing this on a regular basis will help me to improve the course 
content, the course slides, the attendee preparation and so on. Now, that I 
have explained my situation, my question: Is anyone on this list interested in 
a regular exchange of experiences with and ideas for GnuPG training courses? 
Someone who has already given such courses or is planning or at least willing 
to do so?

Obviously my material and web page are in German so understanding German would 
be helpful. But the knowledge how to make a good training course should be 
language independent.

A similar problem: How can more be people be interested in learning GnuPG. My 
current approach is to teach the BeLUG members first and the make them take 
their non-BeLUG contacts to a later course.

Perfect would be somebody interested and experienced in this and living in 
Berlin, of course. ;-)  But input from everyone else is welcome, too. Contact 
my by email or XMPP (hauke.laging at

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