what is killing PKI?

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>> > Routinely encrypting *all* communications would transform the "chore"
>> > into an habitual routine that requires little-to-no intellectual
>> > effort in respect of each individual message sent or file stored. The
>> > value of the encryption would then greatly exceed the effort.
You can encrypt all of your comms and most of your traffic, however.. if
the other side isn't on the same page, intellectually (understanding why
it is employed, what it protects against (and what it doesn't) , what
the risks are) as well as technically (signatures, encryption,
decryption, public keys, private keys,etc) then you will be sending
wierd garbled messages , either signed or encrypted, whether it is
inline and signed (and they can make out parts of the message), or.. you
choose to encrypt it to them, and they see a wierd garbled message, (I
wager that very few would go to the length to learn about PKI and then
gpg just to decrypt your msg without a compelling
curiosity/self-interest. ) Furthermore, on my iphone, gpg is not exactly
supported. Sure, there are other apps, that let me encrypt to a public
key, and a few allow one to load a private key, but they are not gnupg
(and so I personally don't trust those apps). Encrypting *all* traffic
is thus infeasible in the manner that you speak, unless you want to
carry a system with you (or a flashdrive with a private key on there,
assuming you can trust it).. Either way.  Or, if you were in contact
with someone who you usually encrypt traffic to, but they were on an
untrusted computer, or on their phone, would you lower your "standard"
and send it in the plaintext for them? Or maintain your standard, and
send them something that you know that they cannot access until later?
Just a few questions to toss your way MPFA .  I recall Mr. Tobias
mentioning something about an "encrypt-everything lobby" which your
words, put you firmly in. :-)

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