what is killing PKI?

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Am Do 04.10.2012, 19:22:07 schrieb Robert J. Hansen:

> Who says we should promote anything?

That is probably something that everyone has to say for himself: "If I promote 
XY then probably the (or: my) world gets better." The alternative is something 
like "I don't care what happens if I don't" like in "I don't care if the WWW 
gets f*cked up if more people start using IE" years ago.

> Nobody ever elected me Grand Poobah of the Internet.

Sure? 8-)

>  Instead of telling people what they should do, what's wrong with giving
> people options and telling them that it's their responsibility to make
> informed choices?

There is not necessarily a contradiction. And the second works only for those 
(in some cases: the few) who are willing to make an informed choice.

I might say even GnuPG combines both: There are many default values (:="What 
you should do (if you don't know better or don't care).") but the program and 
the documentation allow to make a (more or less) informed differing choice. 
Who would say that default values are bad?

The line between "tell what to do" and "inform" can be thin.

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