Smartcard With Pin Pad Better Security?

Jonathan gragster777 at
Sun Oct 14 03:14:41 CEST 2012

I understand that a smartcard is more secure to keep my key from ever
coming off the card itself. I like the idea of getting one with a pin
pad to lower my attack surface sense as long as my pinpad is not
compromised I should be golden right?

All the pin pads I've seen dont have many possible buttons it looks like
all numbers. Even with a strong password is it seems it would be easy if
I could only use pin of 0-9 right? Couldnt that be brute forced quick
assuming they could get my smartcard? Or am I missing something and
theres an mode that letters it do alphabets and such?

Some I saw were pc, some were class 1, class 2, class 3. Which of these
is the most secure?

Should I get one from here or another shop? I want one that will work in
windows and ubuntu and will work with OpenPGP smartcards.

Any recommendations on this?

Also do OpenPGP smartcards support the new ECC key systems in beta?

Sorry for wall of text, thank you.

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