lock/backup files

Doug Barton dougb at dougbarton.us
Wed Oct 17 02:12:54 CEST 2012

I multiboot my systems, usually a minimum of some kind of windows, and
linux. I also have a lot of my personal data (including PGP keys) on
truecrypt volumes which are shared between my systems. For GnuPG using
the same data in the same directory for all systems works well, with the
following exceptions.

First, the backup files are different in Unix and Windows, filename~ on
the former, and filename.bak on the latter. So far I haven't run into
any problems with this, it's just duplicate data that I'd like to avoid.

The filename.lock files are a problem however. Assuming that there are
no .lock files, and I run Linux, everything works fine. Then if I boot
Windows it seems to create .lock files for every file, whether I'm using
it or not, and they remain after I restart. If I then attempt to use gpg
in Linux I get an error about the lock file being the wrong size.

What I'd like to do to solve both problems is to specify the extension
used for these files. To make them the same in the first case (where
they are different now), and different in the second case (where they
are the same now). Is this possible? 'man gpg' did not indicate a
solution, nor did a brief web search.

Any help appreciated,


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