Limit of maximum password length

jv at jv at
Sat Oct 27 05:40:53 CEST 2012


I'm not sure why, but there is a password length limit on 1.x version 
(even in the latest release), not sure why ?

An example situation:

<..set everything.. including any length password..>

For testing I got password which is longer than 1024 chars. Now when 
trying to encrypt something I have to enter my password from secret key, 
so I put it into curses dialog window and afterwards I get this:
pinentry-curses: Assuan processing failed: write error
gpg-agent[25237]: command get_passphrase failed: Too much data for IPC layer
gpg: problem with the agent: Too much data for IPC layer
Can't edit this key: General error

why ? So such long key is useless and impossible to change password, 
because current password is too long.

Any solutions/workarounds?


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