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Sin Trenton biggles.trenton at
Mon Oct 29 23:34:36 CET 2012

> Just because "you" have decided to cherry pick your definition of the
> English word "free" does not make it more or less so. The word not only
> can be used to mean "unconstrained", such as you seem to want, but it
> can, and in fact more commonly does, also mean "obtainable without any
> payment". And you will find both these definitions in the online Free
> Dictionary here:  Oh, and you
> should feel "free" to quote me on that if you like.

Well, "he" nor "we" was/were actually the first to use this definition,
nor is it actually cherry picking;
Apart from the two definitions, there is actually an old
definition/discussion regarding precisely this, as you can see. :)

Sin T.

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