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Hubert Kario hka at
Mon Sep 3 15:39:00 CEST 2012

On Monday 03 of September 2012 05:07:12 anotst01 at wrote:
> The goal is to sign a message on a webserver.
> I clear signed a plain text file and double checked I can still verify
> it. The resulting clear signed text has been put into a new file
> surrounded by
> <pre>
> .......
> </pre>
> and saved as file.html. When I open file.html with a browser, copy the
> text into a text file and store it, I get a bad signature.
> What is the correct syntax for a website source to show a gpg signed
> message?

do a binary diff (in linux: 

diff <(hexdump -C original.txt) <(hexdump -C copy-from-website.txt)

I'd guess have a problem with line endings

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