gpg.exe Command Line - check if file is already encrypted

Javier González del Tánago jtanago at
Thu Sep 6 23:45:38 CEST 2012

try this:

$ gpg --decrypt --list-only --status-fd 1 <file>

Jeff Michelson <jeffmic at> wrote:

>I'm using the following command line:
>C:\"Program Files (x86)"\GNU\GnuPG\pub\gpg.exe --batch -v -r "MyEVU" -o
>"c:\users\anonymoose\desktop\test.pdf.gpg" -e
>That command encrypts the files correctly and the new test.pdf.gpg file is
>created successfully.
>I'm trying to figure out how to use the gpg.exe to check if the file is
>encrypted.  In my example above, the obvious answer is that the new
>test.pdf.gpg is encrypted.  However, I'm also going to be given a set of
>files that won't have the gpg extension, and I won't know if they are
>already encrypted.
>I do not have whatever is necessary to un-encrypt the files encrypted by
>that MyEVU key, and I don't care if the file was encrypted using that key or
>not.  I only need to know if the file is encrypted at all so that I don't
>double encrypt it.
>Is there a command line option/syntax that would just return information
>telling me the file is already encrypted?
>Much appreciated, y'all.
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