gpgme passphrase_cb (problem solved)

John Morris john at
Mon Sep 10 16:28:46 CEST 2012

Hi list,

> I believe I've figured out the bigger problem.

Partly, yes.

AFAICT, the '/usr/bin/gpg' distributed with gnupg v.2 is still not 
binary compatible with the same from gnupg v.1, and gpgme does not know 
how to feed it a password using a passphrase_cb.

I finally hacked around the problem by recompiling the Fedora 16 RPMs 
(which have separate gnupg and gnupg2 packages) for EL6.  Fedora 18 RPMs 
do away with gnupg v.1, as do EL6.  Curious, but I'm starting to feel 
silly chattering with myself, so I'm moving on.


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