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I am working in ING US Boston area. We were planning to use Symantec PGP for our requirements. However due to license cost, management
has decided to use GNU GPG.

Daily we receive many encrypted files from our business partners.  Some files are received on Linux/Unix while some are on Windows.
Our decryption operation is automated by Perl and shell scripts. On Linux/Unix, all batch scripts are decrypting files successfully.

On windows, we are using cygwin.  In bash shell on cygwin,  I get window prompt for passphrase.  I guess, windows gpg does not accept passphrase
from command line or from a file.

Is there any option to specify passphrase in batch process? I want to avoid window prompt for passphrase. There would be 500 to 600 encrypted files. Our operator cannot enter passphrase for each file.

ING US Boston


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