smartcard: transferring to another account

Peter Lebbing peter at
Mon Apr 1 20:14:48 CEST 2013

On 31/03/13 23:16, Anonymous wrote:
> account 'B' can access the card, but I guess it is missing some type of
> "stub" gnupg uses to mark the keys on the card?

Importing the public key /should/ be enough, and when GnuPG sees the smartcard,
it will create the corresponding stub.[1]

So there is something wrong. But what exactly would be a whole lot easier to
establish if you could give some more details. Which operating system are you
using? Be as specific as you can, e.g., "Debian Squeeze" instead of "Linux", or
"Oracle Solaris 10 1/13" instead of "Solaris". Which versions of GnuPG and
associated programs and libraries, and what are the exact messages spewed by
those programs when you try to import keys and use your smartcard. Obviously you
can edit in it to remove identifying information. Don't just hand out debug logs
from the smartcard without recognising your PIN in the hex dump there ;).



[1] Once. So if you have two smartcards with the same key on them, you can't
(without further adjustments) mix those two smartcards because it will ask for
the one it saw first.

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