GnuPG with ECC support (on windows)

Werner Koch wk at
Mon Apr 22 15:37:35 CEST 2013

On Mon, 22 Apr 2013 10:01, pete at said:

> My understanding is that the RFC is on the "standards track" but is not
> yet officially approved as a standard. Any idea when that might happen?

Most RFCs are not in the INTERNET STANDARD state.  Even widely used
protocols like HTTP are still in DRAFT STANDARD.  The PROPOSED STANDARD
state of OpenPGP is thus a normal experience for a protocol.  Don't
expect that it will be lifted to DRAFT any time soon.  We tried for more
than a decade to setup interop tests to no result.  I was interested to
help but the other major implementer was sold too often to allocated
resources to setup a test.

I just figured that CMS is indeed now in the INTERNET STANDARD state but
the X.509 RFC, which is required by CMS, is still at PROPOSED STANDARD.

RFC2026 has the details about the states.



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