[#JYM-378-41570]: Re: Why trust any software?

Robin Kipp mlists at robin-kipp.net
Tue Aug 6 03:09:29 CEST 2013

Hi Jean,
no, I think you can be fairly certain that you never contacted any piracy department. If you look back through the last messages that have been going over the lest you'll find this has been going on for a while now, also for others posting to this list. Seems like their contact address got on this list somehow, hence a new ticket gets created each time someone on this list starts a new discussion. So, looks like their Piracy Department is getting lots of work for no reason :-)
Am 06.08.2013 um 02:42 schrieb Jean-David Beyer <jeandavid8 at verizon.net>:

> On 08/05/2013 09:23 AM, TeamSpeak Piracy wrote:
>> Jean-David Beyer,
>> Thank you for contacting us. This is an automated response confirming
>> the receipt of your ticket. One of our agents will get back to you as
>> soon as possible. For your records, the details of the ticket are listed
>> below. When replying, please make sure that the ticket ID is kept in the
>> subject line to ensure that your replies are tracked appropriately.
>>   *Ticket ID: *JYM-378-41570
>>   *Subject: *Re: Why trust any software?
>>   *Department: *Piracy [English]
>>   *Type: *Issue
>>   *Status: *Open
>> You can check the status of or reply to this ticket online at:
>> https://support.teamspeakusa.com/index.php?/Tickets/Ticket/View/JYM-378-41570
>> Kind regards,
>> TeamSpeak USA, Inc.
>> ________________________________
>> TeamSpeak Piracy
>> e-Mail: piracy at teamspeakusa.com <mailto:piracy at teamspeakusa.com>
>> Visit: http://www.TeamSpeak.com
>> Knowledgebase: http://support.TeamSpeakUSA.com
>> Hours of operation for this department are Monday - Friday, 9AM to 5PM
>> Pacific Time (UTC-8). We are committed to responding to your inquiry
>> within 48 hours, and typically will reply within 24 hours, excluding
>> weekends and holidays.
> I thought I posted to gnupg-users list. I was making a remark to a
> previous post. I was not filing a trouble report, and do not think I was
> even addressing the issue of piracy.
> Hence I am very confused that I seem to have been issued a trouble
> ticket and getting two e-mails about this. Is something wrong with a
> server? Or an autoresponder?
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