Can I create domain keys?

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Thu Aug 15 00:56:10 CEST 2013


Thank you for your response. Some comments inline...

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> From: MFPA <expires2013 at>
> You can create a key with whatever information you wish to put in the
> user-id(s), truthful or otherwise.

I have tried to enter a "wildcard email" when gpg asked me for the email address during key generation. I tried "", "" and "*", but all of them were rejected with 'Not a valid email address'. Is there a special syntax I should use?

> A key identifying itself as connected to the email address
> "*" rather than "foo at" may be missed 
> when an
> email program passes "foo at" to GnuPG as the search string
> for an encryption key (and when GnuPG passes the string to a
> keyserver).

I think the point you just made is the relevant one: Even if I would be able to create a key with a "wildcard email" associated with it, would the email client plugins, such as Enigmail, be able to deal with it? I guess that's a question for the Enigmail developers, once I figure out how to generate a key with a wildcard email via gpg.

Thank you!

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