Fw: need help for GPG 1.2.1 binary for REHL 5.8

Snehendu Ghosh snehendu.ghosh at tcs.com
Wed Aug 21 02:48:53 CEST 2013

I was not listed previously. Sending again.

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Fw: need help for GPG 1.2.1 binary for REHL 5.8


I try to reply Peter. But it has bounced from his email id.

Please refer to our response below.


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Re: need help for GPG 1.2.1 binary for REHL 5.8

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply. 

In brief, the background is that we are replacing an existing iHub system 
which acts as a router for files transfer to and from Oracle EBS. In 
current system, for inbound interfaces, encrypted files come from third 
parties to iHub and being decrypted before sending to EBS. Similarly for 
outbound interfaces, files come from EBS, being encrypted in iHub before 
sending it to third party system.

Now the problem is the existing iHUb system is very old and it has 1.2.1 
version for encryption/decryption. We are assuming all the third parties 
are using same old version for encryption/decryption in their side. And 
there is no issue with encryption/decryption in existing system. It is 
much stable.

We are not expecting any of the third party will make any changes in their 
side. That is the reason we want to go with the 1.2.1 version to minimize 
the risk.

Now assume a scenario, where we implement 1.4 version in our to-be system, 
encrypt a file with 1.4 version and send it to a third party. We are not 
sure if that third party will able to do decryption using a lower version.

We are working from Sydney, Australia. I don't know which time zone you 
are working in.

Can we set up a tele-conference with you today so that we can explain you 
our requirement ? 

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Subject: Re: need help for GPG 1.2.1 binary for REHL 5.8

> we are searching for binary for GPG 1.2.1 version for Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux 5.8

You're trying to install a version released in 2002 on an OS released in 
I'm not surprised you can't find binaries! Why do you want to do this? 
1.2.1 has
known issues and should not be used these days. It's more than a decade 

I think your effort is much better spent on changing your workflow to use 
latest 1.4 release. Again, why do you want to install 1.2.1?



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