Promoting the usage of OpenPGP (was: Re: Renewing expiring key - done correctly?)

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Am Do 05.12.2013, 21:38:50 schrieb Ingo Klöcker:
> On Thursday 05 December 2013 19:47:57 Hauke Laging wrote:
> > BTW, OT: May I point you at this?
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> >
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> I'm sometimes pondering a different approach.

That's OK but I think its obvious that in the current situation (i.e. some 
public attention for the subject but still ridiculously small numbers of new 
users with no prospect of real change) we have to at least try *everything* 
that seems to make sense and can be done at nearly no effort. The resources 
are VERY limited. The "let someone else do that" attitude simply does not work 

This is the archive of the international Cryptoparty mailinglist:

Does that look like a lot is going to happen beyond small groups who organize 
events? Not to me. I am extremely – the diplomatic wording would be: – 
disappointed about it how many people and organizations (quite related to the 
subject) do not even give the support which they could deliver at nearly no 
effort. I guess we need both a public hall of fame and a hall of shame which 
the media can be pointed at every time they call.

It seems like a joke to me that I get hardly any feedback from the IT and 
political community (let alone positive feedback; thus even though that wasn't 
a positive response it already made you a positive exception) but good 
feedback and support from the cultural community. WTF?

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