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Mon Dec 9 21:40:03 CET 2013

On Mon,  9 Dec 2013 20:36, kloecker at said:

> Exactly. Webmailers was what I was thinking about. And probably mail 
> clients used on mobile devices. I don't know how many of those support 
> encryption.

Well Kontact for N900 and Windows Mobile 6.5 has very good support (as
long as you carry an extra spare battery with you);-) The
guardianproject is working hard on providing support for Android and
there are are a couple of other projects for encryption on mobiles.  My
fingers are to clumsy to even think about regularly sending or reading
mails on a mobile phone (okay, a tablet might be more useful).

>> possible to replace documents with phone call.  Mail is not done for
>> the communication but for documenting transactions.
> Where? AFAIK, in Germany, we still have to send faxes or registered 
> letters with reply advice because email is not approved. (Well, maybe 

Since about two years we are even able to send invoices by email without
any signature (before that a qualified signature was required, but that
never took up).  For about everything you can do by plain letter you may
also use email.  In fact, if you have published an email address for
your business you are required to read the email and archive them in the
same way you do it with snails.

> What do you mean by "online media"? Is de-mail such an "online medium"?

Chat.  In contrast to store and forward systems like email.  No de-mail
is a store and forward system.



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